How can Qualified Vendor of Record status benefit your organization?

  • Vendors of Record and similar arrangements provide a pre-qualified list of vendors for defined types of services
  • SEG is a qualified vendor on the Ontario government’s Management Consulting Services VOR that can be accessed by Ontario government ministries and by four types of public sector organizations:
    • Select classified, non-classified and hydro entities (referred to as Other Included Entities in the Management Board of Cabinet Procurement Directive)
    • Legislative Assembly
    • Municipalities, colleges, universities, school boards, hospitals, Community Care Access Centres, Children’s Aid Societies and shared service organizations
    • Other transfer payment recipient organizations
  • Additional information on Provincially Funded Organizations eligible to use this VOR is available at:http://www.doingbusiness.mgs.gov.on.ca/
  • SEG also is a qualified vendor on similar arrangements for specific services (see below)

Ontario Government Vendor of Record

SEG Management Consultants has qualified for ten Roles in all Service Categories in VOR OSS – 00426611 for Management Consulting Services effective June 16, 2014:

  • Role 3 –  Business Transformation / Process Improvement Specialist
  • Role 4 –  General Consultant
  • Role 5 – Fairness Commissioner
  • Role 6 – Financial Analyst
  • Role 8 –  Organizational Effectiveness Specialist
  • Role 10 – Organizational Transformation Consultant
  • Role 11 – Procurement Specialist
  • Role 13 – Project Manager / Lead
  • Role 14 – Project Management Advisor / Consultant / Specialist
  • Role 16 – Strategic Advisor
Service Categories:
  • Business Metrics, Performance Management & Process Improvement Services
  • Business Process Assessment & Integration Services
  • Organizational Effectiveness Services
  • Organizational Transformation Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Program Management Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Strategic Management & Planning Services

Other VORs and Similar Arrangements

Infrastructure Ontario

  • Fairness monitoring services


  • Fairness monitoring services

City of Ottawa

  • Standing offer for procurement services

Cancer Care Ontario

  • Fairness monitor and fairness advisory services