Scott James

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Scott James

Scott is a Senior Associate with SEG and is an experienced management consultant with over 20 years supporting public sector and broader public sector clients.

Services Offered

Scott supports clients in the following service areas:

Restructuring and Start-ups
  • Led complex organizational restructuring projects that included current state assessments, best practice analysis, future state conceptual design and gap analysis, detailed design and implementation planning.
  • Supported start-up organizations and re-structured organizations with project management, governance design and support, executive support, policy and procedure development, training and leadership coaching, recruitment and staffing, and change management support.
Planning and Performance Measurement
  • Facilitated and assisted in the development of strategic plans, business plans, stakeholder engagement frameworks, implementation plans and the design and support of project and program management plans.
  • Designed organizational, program and policy performance measurement, reporting, monitoring and evaluation frameworks and plans.
  • Developed logical frameworks, logic models, and business models to align strategy and performance outcomes to work activites and performance benchmarks.
Governance and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Designed and supported the development of board charters, organizational missions and visions, committee terms of reference, corporate policies, board skills profiles, board assessments, board appointments and orientation, and researched and recommended improvements to board practices in keeping with emerging trends.
  • Served on several boards of directors, board committees, and advisory committees.
Shared Services and Service Improvement
  • Developed the business case, the conceptual design and supported the government approvals for the now implemented common-counter TTConnect integrated service delivery program in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Led a number of service delivery improvement projects that included mapping business processes, identifying reform opportunities, devloping service standards and agreements, and implementing process and structural changes to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
Other Services
Project Management
  • Designed, implemented, led, and transitioned to executive support for a Program Management Office to oversee the implementation of dozens of funded projects in support of Trinidad and Tobago’ national ICT strategy.
  • Led many projects that included developing the project charter and plan, detailed GANTT charts and work breakdown structures, leading project meetings, developing project status reports, risk reports, executive dashboards, and other planning and reporting tools.
Consultation and Facilitation
  • Led and supported public consultations in Ontario, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean with sensitivity to differing cultural norms and conventions.
  • Facilitated large conferences, town hall sessions, and large and small focus groups to build consensus, align staff towards a common vision, develop strategies, design work processes, assess options, validate findings, and support change management objectives.
  • Developed national conceptual and detailed consultation papers and policy papers in support of proposed legislation and regulation reforms.
Regulatory Reform and Alternative Service Delivery
  • Supported the early development of Ontario’s Delegated Administrative Authority model for regulating professionals and activities to promote consumer protection and public safety. This included negotiating administrative agreements and performance monitoring frameworks between government and designated not-for-profit regulatory corporations.
  • Oversaw the issue management, stakeholder relations, and policy liaison responsibilities between government and seven diverse regulatory organizations.
  • Consulted on organizational reforms, regulatory policies, regulatory strategies, performance monitoring and evaluation, and emerging best practices for several regulatory organizations.
  • Supported the development of risk assessment frameworks, and outcome-based performance metrics and reporting.
  • Both commissioned and conducted two separate evaluations of the Delegated Administrative Authority model in Ontario, and assisted an Ontario Ministry with evaluation of ASD and direct delivery models alternatives for the delivery of government programs.
  • Managed the responsibility for the development of regulatory policies and corporate policies for a Delegated Administrative Authority.
  • Developed tools and assisted clients with the development of cost-benefit analysis and regulatory impact assessments in support of new regulatory proposals.

Scott has worked to advance public service reform in large national-level strategy and policy projects, and within ministries and organizations to design and implement new laws, policies, programs, organizational reviews and designs, business process reforms, measurement and evaluation systems, and specialized regulatory reform and innovation services. He has led public sector reform projects for government ministries, international organizations, agencies, and not-for-profit organizations in Ontario as well as internationally in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

Scott has consistently provided high quality services that are practical and produce results for his clients. Key clients Scott has supported since 2004 include:

  • Electrical Safety Authority, Ontario
  • Office of the Independent Police Review Commissioner, Ontario (Start-up support, project management)
  • Stewardship Ontario (Business Process Reform and Mapping, Call Centre Design, Organizational Design, Employee Handbook)
  • Ministry of Finance, Modern Controllership Division (Intranet policy review)
  • Ministry of Government Services, Ontario Shared Services (Contact Centre and Service Channel Review)
  • Ministry of Consumer Services, Ontario (Delegated Administrative Authority Evaluation)
  • Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario (Alternative Service Delivery model assessment)
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Switzerland (ICT organizational assessment and re-design)
  • Office of the Prime Minister, Botswana (ICT Strategy and e-Government implementation)
  • Ministry of Legal Services, Trinidad and Tobago (Best Practice Review, White Paper, Green Paper, Consultations, Draft Consumer Protection Legislation and Amendments)
  • Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago (Organizational Design and Best Practices to support decentralization)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources, Trinidad and Tobago (Business Process and Service Improvement)

Prior to 2004, Scott held senior management positions in the Ontario Public Service where he helped to lead innovation and reform in early e-government services, organizational re-structuring, public policy reform, stakeholder and issue management, and in the design and oversight of new alternative service delivery partnership frameworks.

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