Mary Tate

Mary Tate, MBA, CMC

Mary Tate is SEG Vice President. She is a seasoned consultant with over 8 years of consulting experience and over 20 years of executive experience.

Mary provides consulting services for government, the broader public sector and the not-for profit sector in strategic and business planning, regulatory effectiveness, and organizational and program effectiveness. Mary is an experienced facilitator and project manager.

Services Offered

Planning and Performance Measurement
  • Strategic, business and operational planning
  • Development of integrated planning process
  • Development and implementation of performance measures and performance reporting
Business and Organizational Transformation, Alignment and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Program reviews and restructuring of organizations or units
  • Support to agency or other start-ups
  • Shared services, including sectoral shared services initiatives
  • Governance structures and processes
  • Integrated service delivery and government service improvement
Regulatory Effectiveness
  • Assessment of the need for regulation and options for regulation
  • Risk-based compliance and enforcement approaches
  • Start-up of regulatory agencies and regulatory implementation
  • Accountability of regulatory bodies and government oversight of regulatory bodies
Other Services
  • Project management
  • Facilitation

Background and Qualifications

Mary Tate provides consulting services in strategic and business planning and performance measurement and reporting. She works with organizations to improve effectiveness through program reviews, organizational restructuring, shared services and service improvement initiatives. She leads projects to support the start-up of new agencies and provides advice on governance structures and processes. Mary also consults on regulatory effectiveness, including assessment on whether regulation is appropriate and start-up of regulatory organizations. She is an experienced project manager and an experienced facilitator.

She has provided management consulting support to clients since 2006 following a career in the Ontario Public Service of over 25 years. Project examples include:

Planning and Performance Measurement
  • Strategic and business planning and development of performance measures for organizations such as:
    • Ontario Capital Growth Corporation
    • Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority
    • Mental Health Commission of Canada
    • Public Health Ontario
    • Ontario Pension Board
    • Ontario College of Trades
Business and Organizational Transformation, Alignment and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Organizational effectiveness initiatives such as :
    • Organizational Review for Radiation Safety Institute of Canada
    • Shared Services Opportunities and Roadmap for the Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare
    • Service Delivery Excellence Gap Analysis for Immigration Canada
    • Service Improvement Strategy for the Government of Qatar
  • Organizational Start-ups or Transitions such as:
    • o Payroll implementation for transfer of staff from MOHLTC to Public Health Ontario
    • Development of operational protocols related to the transfer of operational staff from MOHLTC to Public Health Ontario
    • Mental Health Commission of Canada
Regulatory Effectiveness
  • Mary has led projects related to regulatory effectiveness such as:
    • Recommendations on how condominium managers should be regulated, including facilitation of an expert panel
    • Review of the feasibility of regulations for home inspectors, including facilitation of an expert panel
    • Compliance and investigation manual for ON 1 Call.
    • Recommendations on feasibility of regulating Applied Behavioural Analysts
    • Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority including governance, planning, risk-based regulatory approach, organizational design, budget and administrative infrastructure

Mary holds a MBA from the University of Toronto. Mary is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). The CMC designation is the profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in 43 countries. It represents a commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the CMC Code of Professional Conduct.

Before 2006, Mary held senior management positions in the Ontario government including leadership of major operational improvement, service delivery and transformational initiatives.

Contact Information

Phone: 416-769-3720 or 647-202-3720