Jores Minasvand

Jores Minasvand

Jores Minasvand is a Senior Associate of SEG, and is an experienced Infrastructure and Business Intelligence Architect with over 22 years of proven track record in IT and business operations.

Services Offered

As a senior consultant Jores has been involved in a large number of projects within a variety of industries such as Higher Education, Healthcare, Energy, Finance and government, helping organizations with IT modernization, operational consolidation and IT Infrastructure moves. He has successfully contributed in the following areas:

IT planning and performance measurement (Business Intelligence)
  • Design and Deployment of Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Delivery of trusted “Decision Support” data to allow efficient and successful business planning
  • Deliver executive reporting of KPI and KRI via Real-time Dashboards
  • Facilitate Business productivity by providing Self-serve analytics
IT modernization & business architecture (“IT as a Business Resource”)
  • Restructuring of IT infrastructure to support business goals such as significant cost reduction and organic growth
  • Assist corporations in preparation and execution of IT operations out-sourcing plans
  • Implementation of latest technology such as Virtualization, Centralization as well as Public and Private Clouds to achieve operational efficiency and quality, customer data privacy, Data security, Compliancy and reduction of risk exposure
  • Design Enterprise level infrastructure usable by any-size corporation, such as Start-ups
Regulatory Effectiveness – Data Security and Retention
  • Assist businesses in delivering accurate regulatory reports to ensure business continuity
  • Provide assistance in Disaster Recovery planning, implementation and Testing
  • Provide Enterprise Data Management solutions to ensure data security in storage and in transit via encryption
  • Provide Backup and Recovery solution design to help businesses retain data based on regulatory requirements

Other Services

  • End to end Enterprise Data Management Services, Data warehouse, Data mart, Cubes and Self-Serve Analytics
  • SharePoint design and Deployment for document management, Business Service delivery and Reporting
  • Licensing cost reduction consolidation and virtualization
  • Design and deployment of hardware and software:
    • Servers
    • Firewalls
    • SANs
    • VMs

Background and Qualifications

Jores has extensive hands on experience in:

  • Design and deployments of various n-tier applications,
  • SANs and Clusters, with considerations for Network traffic, data encryption and rendering,
  • Load balancing and performance enhancements. This experience has given him the ability to quickly analyze the client environment and the knowledge to be able to properly design efficient and cost effective solutions.

Throughout the years he has also gained the experience with business requirement gathering and analysis, which has granted him the view of “IT as a business resource”, which has contributed to his success in modernization and consolidation of IT infrastructures with a common business oriented goal as a focal point.

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