Helle Tosine

Helle Tosine, CMC

A Senior Associate with SEG, Helle is a seasoned management consultant with over 30 years of senior public sector experience.

Services Offered:

Helle provides services to public sector and not-for-profit clients in the following areas:

Restructuring and Start-ups
  • Undertaking stakeholder strategy development, program reviews and restructuring of organizations or units
  • Best practice reviews and research as a basis for providing clients with innovative and creative solutions
Planning and Performance Measurement
  • Developing and facilitating planning workshops towards:
    • program frameworks and implementation for effective performance measurement
    • performance measurement metrics
    • processes and mechanisms to deliver on performance outcomes
Governance and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Helping senior executives and Board members of public and not-for-profit sectors create and realize their vision by bridging the gap between vision and execution:
    • leading the development of strategic frameworks
    • developing governance and organizational options for  improved effectiveness and efficiency
    • recommending business strategies to deliver on the new vision
  • Providing research and best practices reviews to inform Boards and senior executives as a foundation for benchmarking new governance and organizational models
Other services
  • Developing risk-based strategic approaches, supporting policies, structures and mechanisms for regulatory agencies to maximize organizational effectiveness and efficiency and to deliver outcomes.


Helle provides the unique mixture of helping public sector and not-for-profit clients develop the “big picture” and to map out organizational and transformation options to deliver on that vision. She delivers practical solutions for her clients, based on her extensive experience, that resolve challenging organizational issues.  She specializes in strategic planning, organizational effectiveness and performance measurement.

She has provided management consulting support to clients since 2008.  Her clients have included:

  • Government of Ontario: Senior Consultant leading the development of the core business start-up for the newly created Ontario Retirement Home Regulatory Authority. Recommendations being implemented
  • Canadian Government: Senior expert advisor on investigation of possible breach of professional conduct, ethical behaviour and integrity. Recommendations accepted and are being implemented.
  • International Government: As one of three international experts for a World Bank project, prepared a strategic plan for the Ministry of Labour, State Labour Inspectorate (SLI), Government of Azerbaijan.  Evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency of the SLI, prepared short and long term initiatives to implement the strategic action plan. Project was well received by the World Bank, the Azeri government and the International Labour Organization (ILO). Implementation is underway.
  • Not-for-profit organizations: provided advice to the Board and CEO, Radiation Safety Institute of Canada on issues involving industrial worker safety. Led the development of the strategic planning process, development of performance metrics and process for The Learning Partnership.

Helle Tosine has been a Principal with Strategic Consultants since leaving the Ontario Public Service in 2008. Born in England, Helle attended the Universities of McMaster and York, achieving an MSc in Analytical Chemistry.  Moving from her first employer, Environment Canada where she was a research chemist, to the Ontario Ministry of Environment in 1979, Helle held various director positions–leading research and technology development, regulatory and policy development. Helle’s important accomplishments included establishing the first dioxin analytical laboratory in Canada, leading policy development and implementation of the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights. She  was awarded the Canadian Institute of Chemistry Award for Innovative Contribution (1995) in the field of environmental chemistry.

Following 2 years as Director, Research and Policy in the Ontario Government Cabinet Office developing restructuring options and transformation strategies for the regulatory and business functions of the Ontario Government, Helle joined the Ministry of Labour as Assistant Deputy Minister.

Using her background in regulatory policy and program development, and public sector restructuring, Helle led the transformation of the Ministry of Labour’s Operations Division to more effective and efficient delivery of health and safety enforcement. In parallel, Helle led strategy development and implementation of a unique initiative in partnership with industry and government, to exceed government performance targets. She was awarded the Ontario Amethyst Award for Outstanding Achievement and was recognized internationally by the International Labour Organization (ILO), by being asked to co-author a handbook on performance metrics for the International Association of Labour Inspectorates (IALI/ILO).

Most recently she has worked with international and Canadian regulatory clients on developing strategic approaches, problem solving, and advising Boards on highly contentious and complex issues.

Helle completed a course on strategic management of regulatory agencies (Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University) and received a certificate from the Institute of Corporate Directors, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Governance for Not-for-Profit Boards.

She has been an adjunct professor at York University and is currently second vice-president, Royal Canadian Institute for Advancement of Science. Her community work includes executive positions with the Canadian University Women’s Clubs, and with the Estonian community.

Helle has applied for Certified Management Consultant (CMC) – Executive Stream certification.  The CMC designation is the profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in 43 countries.  It represents a commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession.

Contact Information

Email: info@SEGconsultants.ca