Greg Dadd

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Greg Dadd

Greg is SEG’s Vice-President, Procurement and Fairness Advisory Services and a seasoned operations executive with extensive experience in procurement, corporate real estate, and general management in both the public and private sectors.

As Vice-President, Greg leads the management and ongoing development of this consulting practice, will deliver high priority projects, and provide corporate oversight and quality assurance for all assignments in this service area.

Services Offered

Greg supports clients in the following areas:

Procurement Advice and Specialized Services
  • All aspects of the procurement life-cycle, including:
    • Developing effective procurement strategies and processes to achieve the business requirements of the client;
    • Supporting the preparation of procurement documents (e.g. RFI, RFQ, RFP, evaluation guidelines, etc.);
    • Advising on evaluation of proposals and recommendation for selection of successful proponents;
    • Supporting the development of briefing materials throughout the process for decision-makers; and
    • Conducting a post-process audit on completion to ensure conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner in accordance with applicable legislation, trade agreements, policies and practices.
    • Assisting in the preparation of proposals in response to RFP’s
    • Training staff on achieving effective contract management
    • Advising and assisting vendor-related in dispute resolution
    • Development and facilitation of a contractor performance program
    • Assessing Alternate Service Delivery and partnering solutions
    Fairness Advice and Monitoring

    Using SEG’s proprietary approach to fairness advice and monitoring called Proactive Planning and Intervention, Greg acts as a Fairness Advisor to monitor the entire procurement process for high profile, complex or potentially contentious public sector projects.

    In the Fairness Monitor role, he reviews documentation, observes activities and verifies official records to confirm or attest that the process has been carried out in compliance with the relevant procurement principles, policies, documents, and leading practice. He provides assurance to clients, vendors, and other stakeholders, including the general public, that the procurement project has demonstrated openness, fairness, consistency and transparency throughout its design and implementation.

    Typical services include:

    • Reviewing the procurement project plan to confirm:
      • Compliance with procurement policies and leading practice,
      • Open and transparent procurement process,
      • Fair and consistent treatment for all proponents, and
      • Compliance with confidentiality and conflict of interest requirements.
      • Document review (e.g. REOI, RFQ, RFP, addenda, evaluation guidelines)
      • Review and advice on communication protocols and documents (e.g. vendor consultation, presentations, clarifications, correspondence, official records)
      • Process activities (e.g. observing project meetings, monitoring compliance, facilitating diligence and consistency)
      • Attending and observing proponent presentations and evaluation sessions (e.g. meetings with proponents, executive and client presentations, debriefings, confirming scoring, verifying official records)
      • Ad hoc support to the project team (e.g. offering verbal observations, providing written confirmations, training evaluators, investigating conflict of interest, verifying confidentiality protocols)
      • Fairness Reports at critical stages in the procurement process (e.g. confirm compliance with the procurement objectives of openness, fairness, consistency and transparency)

      Background and Qualifications

      Greg brings a wide range of experience in public procurement, providing strategic direction, executive oversight, team leadership, and detailed direction on more than 50 major projects. His direct, hands-on experience with all procurement activities in large-scale and complex acquisitions positions Greg to support clients in ensuring integrity, fairness and best value in the acquisition of goods and services.

      Procurement Advice and Fairness Monitoring

      Greg has provided consulting services and advice for public sector procurements to confirm that they were executed in a fair, open and transparent manner including:

      • Infrastructure Ontario
        • Lead Fairness Monitor for 4 major infrastructure redevelopment projects
        • Fairness Monitor for the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit project, as well as a suburban hospital redevelopment project
        • Cancer Care Ontario
          • Lead Fairness Monitor for 4 major infrastructure redevelopment projects


          Working with another SEG Associate, Greg has provided advice and support to one of Toronto’s leading real estate and development legal firms resulting in a successful response to an Ontario Government agency’s Request for Proposal for Vendors of Record for legal services.

          Career Experience in Public Procurement
          • Executive Lead for design and implementation of a new service delivery model and procurement of a vendor/business partner for one of the largest outsourced property management contracts in North America
          • Executive ORC Lead for the new Ontario Archives Building on the York University Campus, based on a P3 (Public-Private Partnership) model, including client relations, funding and project approval presentations, facility programming, preparation of RFI and RFP documents, review and selection of successful proponent .
          • Developed ORC’s new Procurement Policy and Best Business Practices guidelines; designed and implemented a new contractor performance program – the policy and procedural framework for evaluation of contractors retained by ORC, to inform the selection criteria for future contracts; and established new Vendors of Record (VORs) for all ORC major business lines (e.g. management, business & audit consulting services; planning; environmental consulting; leasing; IT desktop support services)
          • Introduced concept of defined contracts and value-added bids for special drugs and vaccines, and negotiated major contracts, enhancing program planning capability and reducing or stabilizing prices
          • Restructured multiple purchasing departments to standardize processes, increase use of technology and introduce performance metrics resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness.


          Greg has held senior positions within the public sector, most recently as Chief Operating Officer of Ontario Realty Corporation, one of Canada’s leading public real estate agencies. As a Director in Ontario’s Ministry of Health, he had executive responsibility and accountability for its extensive procurement activities, including sourcing strategy, solicitation, evaluation and contract award.

          Greg has a thorough understanding of the government’s financial policies and governance and has led the implementation of enhanced accountability frameworks and modern controllership and risk management practices.

          He is also a retired senior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces.

          Contact Information

          Phone: (416) 770-4295

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