Regulatory Effectiveness

Regulatory Effectiveness

SEG supports clients in all aspects of regulatory effectiveness.

More than ever, governments, industries, trades, and professions are seeking advice on how best to protect the public and create a fair and level playing field for the sector involved. Impetus for examining regulation can come from consumer protection issues that have received media attention, to professions and trades wanting to enhance their status and eliminate incompetent or unethical practitioners. SEG has the expertise and experience to work with governments, industries, trades and professional organizations to examine the need for regulation, present a variety of regulatory options if warranted, with their pros and cons and ultimately design and implement the new regulator, from governance to operational implementation.

SEG can also assess the performance of existing regulators, examine their governance, review their registration processes, continuing competence programs, and complaints and discipline processes to enable existing regulators to improve their performance. Members of our team have been senior executives of regulatory organizations and registrars. We know the unique challenges that face regulators and the regulated sectors.

SEG has hands on experience and expertise in risk-based compliance and enforcement and can work with our clients to development approaches which maximize the use of limited resources to address the areas of greatest risk.

SEG brings international expertise and best practices to support its clients with:

Regulatory Effectiveness
  • Needs analysis and options development
    • Conduct stakeholder consultations focusing quickly on key issues
    • Assess the need for regulation based on clear criteria
    • Focus on exactly those best practices and experiences of other similar regulatory organizations
    • Identify regulatory options and assess these options against evaluation criteria
    • Determine the regulatory functions to be provided by the regulator
    • Prepare costing analysis to determine financial sustainability
  • Risk based compliance and enforcement
    • Identify major risk areas
    • Design integrated compliance and enforcement strategies to address areas of greatest risk
    • Develop enterprise risk management programs to manage risk for regulatory agencies
  • Start-up support
    • Develop detailed start-up plan for new regulatory agency
    • Establish governance policies and processes
    • Assist with organization design and management structure
    • Support strategic and business planning for the new organization
    • Support planning and implementation of core business functions such as registration/licensing, public registry, compliance and enforcement, definition of scope of practice and standard of practice, complaints, discipline and public awareness
    • Implementation
      • Develop timelines and contingencies for full scale implementation
      • Assist with piloting implementation prior to full implementation
      • Develop working level inspection, investigation and enforcement policy and operational manuals
      • Develop performance metrics and implementation options
    • Establish back office support services
      • Develop policies and implementation of support services such as human resources, finance, IT, accommodation, procurement systems

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