Business & Organizational Transformation and Organizational Effectiveness

Business & Organizational Transformation and Organizational Effectiveness

Business & Organizational Transformation and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Major restructuring to align with strategic directions
  • SEG supports senior managers in:

    • Planning and leading major business transformation
    • Designing and implementing effective project management for transformational initiatives
    • Identifying project risks and developing mitigation measures
    • Learning from and adapting the models and best practices of other organizations
  • New models of service delivery such as:
    • Shared services for back-office and client-facing functions
      SEG works with organizations to identify opportunities for greater effectiveness and efficiencies through shared services initiatives.  Shared services can be implemented within one organization, among several organizations or across an entire sector.  While the traditional focus is on back office services, shared services can also be applied to selected aspects of service delivery as well.
    • Integrated service delivery
      SEG helps our clients develop a client-centric view of service delivery. This can result in significant restructuring from a program-based to a client-based approach. We work with organizations to integrate service delivery in “bundles” across a variety of channels, reflecting how their clients want to access services. .
    • Delegated administrative authorities and self-regulatory bodies
      SEG has extensive experience in regulatory processes. We can assess whether self-regulation is appropriate, develop policy and regulations, support start-up of DAAs and other types of self-regulatory organizations, and undertake ongoing evaluation of their effectiveness. See Regulatory Effectiveness Services
    • Best practice and jurisdictional research
      Our consultants undertake reviews of best practices and jurisdictional reviews to assist clients in assessing their own business practices and identifying new models of delivery and methods for improving results and reducing costs.
    • Facilitation and consultation
      SEG’s consultants enable clients to get the most from internal or external group sessions. We work with you to identify key objectives and meeting outcomes, engage in advance as needed with participants, develop the agenda and design the session delivery format, provide active facilitation at the session and document the results
  • Service delivery improvement and quality service

    SEG brings a disciplined approach to service delivery improvement and quality, including assessing current standards, measuring customer satisfaction, and designing and executing service improvement initiatives.

  • Agency/organizational start-ups, transfers and mergers

    SEG has deep expertise in supporting start-up organizations. Based on our experience with over ten start-up organizations, we have developed a validated methodology to support start-ups of agencies and similar entities. We can quickly bring together a full service, experienced team that is up to speed fast to support all aspects of the emerging organization’s needs while ensuring this knowledge is transferred to newly hired management and staff. We assist with transfers from one organization into another and mergers of two or more entities.


SEG supports clients in all aspects of organizational effectiveness and governance.

  • Organizational / program reviews and organizational development

    SEG conducts organizational and program reviews to help your organization implement its strategies and plans efficiently and effectively. We recommend organizational designs that align resources, support effective delivery and ensure clear accountability with available resources. We create succession planning mechanisms and approaches for employee development and training.

  • Governance and accountability

    We design governance and management structures and processes that enable your organization to deliver on its mission and plans. We develop governance basics such as by-laws and governance processes, support board effectiveness through board orientation, training and board evaluations and align accountability. We help clients negotiate accountability agreements that strike the balance between expectations and resources.

  • Alignment, streamlining and downsizing

    SEG understands the fiscal realities facing our clients. We clarify program objectives, identify and analyse options, promote organizational alignment, advise on streamlining and downsizing options, facilitate decisions and create implementation plans.

  • Business process analysis and mapping

    We undertake business process analysis, including process mapping, to allow clients to improve organizational effectiveness and accomplish results with fewer resources and shorter times.

  • Change management and cultural change

    We develop change management strategies and support implementation of organizational change. We foster development of an organizational culture that aligns with your mission.

  • Project management / PMOs

    We provide project management expertise so our clients can establish effective project and program management functions, execute projects successfully and achieve intended results.

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