Consulting Services

SEG has deep experience and special expertise in the following service areas:

  • Planning and Performance Measurement

    SEG helps our clients with all aspects of planning and organizational performance, from strategic and business planning to program and operational planning to performance measurement and risk analysis and mitigation. We clarify objectives, analyze options, provide advice, facilitate decisions and create implementation plans. We conduct financial, cost/benefit and costing analyses to assess and help clients choose among options. SEG also assists clients with stakeholder consultation and internal communications.

  • Business & Organizational Transformation & Organizational Effectiveness

    SEG supports organizations undergoing major transformation to achieve their business strategies. SEG helps our clients align their organizations to implement their mission and goals efficiently and effectively. We enable optimal allocation of limited resources. We are expert facilitators to achieve wise decisions with strong buy-in. We foster development of an organizational culture that aligns with your mission. We build effective governance and strong accountability. We support effective implementation of business, organizational and cultural change. We have built strong expertise in start-ups of agencies and similar organizations based on a validated start-up methodology, as well as planning and implementing transfers and mergers.

  • Regulatory Effectiveness

    SEG works with clients to conduct regulatory needs analysis and determine options for new regulatory initiatives. We have expertise and experience so that we can quickly identify issues and focus on best practices to develop practical options and solutions quickly. We provide expertise in assessing the need for regulation, determining which regulatory functions are required, developing costing models and conducting stakeholder consultation. We provide full start-up support for new regulatory organizations, including governance, planning, core business functions and back office support. SEG also works with existing regulatory agencies to enhance performance, including a focus on risk-based compliance and enforcement.

  • Procurement and Fairness Advisory Services

    We understand procurement as a business process. Although an individual procurement may be delivered and executed “correctly”, it will not be successful unless the selection and contract award contribute to the overall success of the organization and the achievement of the intended business objectives.

    SEG procurement and fairness consultants achieve these objectives through active participation throughout our engagements. This SEG approach to fairness advice and monitoring is called: Proactive Planning and Intervention.

    SEG works to ensure that all participants in the procurement lifecycle – the internal project team, external advisors and potential respondents – understand the need to design, execute and confirm a process that meets the high standards of fairness expected in public procurement.

    Each fairness intervention is an opportunity for us to explain the importance of fairness and how to adjust the activity or language to comply with the principles of fairness.

    • Knowledge transfer is a continuous process throughout each of our assignments.
    • Always we will work to enhance the capability of our clients’ procurement teams
    • For SEG procurement is about people, not just processes.

  • Public Agencies

    SEG and our strategic alliance partners have a deep understanding of the broad range of provincial, non-classified and transfer payment agencies and their diverse relationships with government. Our extensive experience across more than 50 consulting assignments includes such services as:

    • Assessing agency models and recommending the most appropriate;
    • Supporting agency start-ups, mergers and transfers;
    • Conducting agency mandate reviews and evaluations;
    • Building effective agency governance and accountability;
    • Researching agency best practices;
    • Supporting strategic, business and operational planning for agencies; and
    • Implementing agency business transformation and organizational change.