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An open letter to clients and partners:

Over the past fifteen years, SEG Management Consultants has built a sound reputation as a trusted advisor for those we serve. In doing so, we have always kept an eye to growing our expertise and pursuing opportunities to augment our capabilities and improve the levels of service we provide.

We’re proud to announce that, after careful consideration, we have agreed to be acquired by the Toronto-based management consulting firm OPTIMUS | SBR. OPTIMUS | SBR provides advisory services customized to address strategy, process, and project management needs to public and private sector organizations across Canada. SEG will now operate as SEG, a Division of OPTIMUS | SBR.

Key Benefits

There are several benefits of this new arrangement that will be advantageous for our valued clients, including:

  1. Enhanced service delivery as a result of being part of a larger firm with a wide variety of skill sets and experience to draw upon.
  2. Deeper representation across the sector as we can leverage OPTIMUS | SBR’s existing relationships to explore mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities amongst our clients and partners.
  3. Streamlined work practices which will improve our working relationship as we leverage the best-in-class methodologies and sound infrastructure of OPTIMUS | SBR.

The Future

This is an exciting time for SEG. SEG leadership team members, Mary Tate and Greg Dadd, will be joining OPTIMUS | SBR on a full time basis, thus ensuring continuity through this period.

Thank you for support, and we look forward to continuing to share in your successes for years to come.


Richard Lundeen, CMC
President, SEG Management Consultants

For more information on OPTIMUS | SBR, please visit their website at


An independent consulting firm since 2000, SEG’s expert and seasoned consultants provide value to our clients in:

  • Planning and performance measurement
  • Business & Organizational Transformation and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Regulatory Effectiveness
  • Procurement and Fairness Advisory Services
  • Public Agencies

SEG has a track record of delivering superior outcomes for clients in government, public agencies, the broader public sector and the not for profit sector. Our experienced senior consultants personally deliver the agreed services – we don’t reassign the work to juniors.

A key benefit to our clients is our understanding of government and public agencies. Many of our consultants had senior executive experience in government before starting their consulting careers. We know about government planning processes, the required outcomes and current priorities and objectives. That knowledge helps make our work so effective. We are up to speed immediately.

SEG helps organizations in the broader public sector and not for profit sector fulfill their mandates successfully and use limited resources efficiently and effectively.

SEG has built a strong reputation with our clients of delivering on our commitments and providing excellent value. Many of our consultants have achieved the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation, signifying the scope and depth of our consulting expertise as well as our ethics and professionalism. Our clients know they can rely on our integrity and our service commitment .